How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

The different types of mortgage fraud are intensifying at an an alarming rate. Con artists oftentimes target homeowners struggling to meet their mortgage loan responsibilities or are anxious to sell their homes.

There is help available when facing financial troubles or foreclosure, but make sure you are dealing with a honorable organization before getting involved.

To protect your home and equity and avoid falling into fraudulent schemes, realize and understand the signals of mortgage fraud. Know how to report fraud to federal and state authorities so they can help prevent scam artists from preying on innocent future and current homeowners.

Begin by studying the motivations behind mortgage scams. They are generally categorized into 1 of 3 categories:

Fraud for housing

This generally comes about when a borrower wants to buy a piece of property they recognize they cannot afford.

Borrowers are frequently aided by deceptive mortgage industry pros who submit or encourage the submission of false information about the borrowers work history, income or assets in order to qualify for the mortgage loan.

Borrowers are oftentimes influenced to partake in this type of fraud by a powerful desire for becoming a homeowner and the impression that no one will see the fraudulent data.

Nevertheless, banks detect fraud for property scams by thoroughly reexamining and verifying documents and keeping diligent records.

It is a federal crime to lie in connection with the loan application and these individuals may be at risk of criminal prosecution.

Fraud for benefit

These schemes oftentimes involve a group of individuals who scam a prospective homebuyer or lender.

For instance, a deceitful mortgage loan officer can partner with a mortgage loan processor to produce a fictional credit profile, and with an appraiser to inflate the homes value.

There’s also people called, “straw borrowers,” who incorrectly represent themselves, just might be lured to take part through the promise of fiscal gain.

Fraud for profit

Fraud for Profit scams are also irresistible to criminal enterprises tempted by the opportunity for larger profits, less risks than those normally associated with violent crime, and decreased sentencing or jail time.

If you are facing financial difficulties that are making it tough to pay your mortgage, or if you get the feeling you might be falling prey to a fraudulent scheme lampung, the optimal solution is to speak to your mortgage lender or a reputable counselor as they should be up-to-date you on all the current types of mortgage fraud going on in your area.

Also, be suspicious of individuals who guarantee to rescue you from financial trouble or possible foreclosure.