• Common Credit Card Errors to Avoid
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    Common Credit Card Errors to Avoid

    Do you appreciate just how powerful those pieces of plastic in your pocket are? Very few people think about all of the powers and repercussions that are related to credit cards. We are so accustomed to having Credit Cards, no one really thinks about how important these cards are.  Here’s what to keep in mind.  Using credit cards responsibly can help you build good credit and have great buying power. Incorrect credit card usage can lead to credit card debt, overwhelming credit card bills, and a bad credit record that can take years to restore. The best way to keep your credit cards on the good side of your financial…

  • Online Credit Card Applications – Security and Technology
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    Online Credit Card Applications – Security and Technology

    You may be wondering if it is safe to apply online for a credit card. The answer to that question is yes. New technology that is being used is known as SSL encryption and protects you the consumer when filling out online credit card applications. This credit card technology is also known as (SSL) Secure Socket Layer technology and is now used by all of the banks for all transactions and personal information that is to be kept secured. Many banks and credit card companies want to keep you as a customer so they ensure that when you are applying online that you have a secure experience to keep you…

  • Top Credit Card Do's and Don'ts
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    Top Credit Card Do’s and Don’ts

    Whether you are taking the step to get your first credit card, or are thinking of getting another line of credit, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that go with this territory. Looking for a Credit Card Do compare your options – There are a number of credit card offers on the market these days. They are different and come with various pros and cons. Don’t jump at one card before you compare and contrast the best looking deals. Do check interest rates – Unless you are going to pay off your Credit Card balance every month, the interest rate is a very important variable to keep in…

  • Credit Card Key Terms and What They Mean to You
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    Credit Card Key Terms and What They Mean to You

    How well do you read those credit card offers that you are always getting in the mail? If you are like most people, you look at the larger print items. You may know there is no interest, for the first six months, that there is a balance transfer special, that you can get cash back, but what about the real legal description of the card? When you are shopping around for the best credit card, the more you know about cards, the better decision you will be able to make. Here’s a rundown of many of the terms you will see on those credit card offers and what they meant…