• Credit Cards Aren't Bad, They're Misunderstood
    Bad Credit Cards

    Credit Cards Aren’t Bad, They’re Misunderstood

    If you read a lot of articles about personal finances, you’ve likely seen many that recommend against credit cards. They act like credit cards are the enemy and cause people to go into debt. Credit cards are neutral at the beginning and whether they become good or bad depends on who is using them and how they use them. If used correctly, a Credit Card can be a great way to have purchasing power, build good credit, and even offer rewards, as long as they are used responsibly. A credit card is also an important part of daily life, as it is necessary for many services. Have you tried to…

  • Common Credit Card Errors to Avoid
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    Common Credit Card Errors to Avoid

    Do you appreciate just how powerful those pieces of plastic in your pocket are? Very few people think about all of the powers and repercussions that are related to credit cards. We are so accustomed to having Credit Cards, no one really thinks about how important these cards are.  Here’s what to keep in mind.  Using credit cards responsibly can help you build good credit and have great buying power. Incorrect credit card usage can lead to credit card debt, overwhelming credit card bills, and a bad credit record that can take years to restore. The best way to keep your credit cards on the good side of your financial…