• Best Credit Card Deals Charge You the Least
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    Best Credit Card Deals Charge You the Least

    Everywhere you look you see credit card companies offering credit card deals, each one appearing better than the one before. Some of the most popular ones are the cash back credit cards and 0% APR credit cards. If you’ve been wondering if you should accept some of these offers of loyalty rewards credit cards, the answer is yes. Most people want to get these kinds of credit cards. This is the day and age of plastic. Most people have at least one credit card; others have many credit cards and are used almost daily. If you’re going to be using a Credit Card, you may as well use one that…

  • Why Credit Cards Are Better Than Loans
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    Why Credit Cards Are Better Than Loans

    If you are like many people who are still looking to clear our a lot of that debt that you racked up at Christmas time, you may be considering getting a loan to consolidate your debt and try to get things back under control. While a debt consolidation loan may well do the trick, you should realize this is not the only way to get out of debt. Credit Cards can also be used as a path to getting out of debt. Many people think credit cards are the reason they ended up in debt in the first place, so how will they help? The reason you got into debt…

  • Top Credit Card Do's and Don'ts
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    Top Credit Card Do’s and Don’ts

    Whether you are taking the step to get your first credit card, or are thinking of getting another line of credit, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that go with this territory. Looking for a Credit Card Do compare your options – There are a number of credit card offers on the market these days. They are different and come with various pros and cons. Don’t jump at one card before you compare and contrast the best looking deals. Do check interest rates – Unless you are going to pay off your Credit Card balance every month, the interest rate is a very important variable to keep in…