• Should I Check My Credit Report
    Credit Report

    Should I Check My Credit Report?

    Should you check your credit report? The answer to that question is a definite YES. You should check it. You need to know what it is if you are to stay on top of your financial situation. The importance of knowing your credit score and your credit history is paramount. The difference between a life with good credit history and a bad history can be translated in to thousands of dollars each year. If you find yourself in a situation where you realize that your credit score is going down south you need to get your report so you know what’s what and where to begin if you want to…

  • Learn How to Use Your Credit Report
    Credit Report

    Learn How to Use Your Credit Report

    There are things no one will tell us about our credit report. For instance what will low our credit scores? How do credit cards affect our credit report? How does having a credit history affect our credit report? Things that will lower your credit scores: Having a high balance on a credit card. Letting companies access your credit report, if you are looking for a new mortgage make sure that each company you go to accesses your report in the same two-week period. If you allow a company to access your report outside of that two-week period you are letting them “hit” your credit score. Each time someone accesses your…