Free Credit Card Debt Relief That So Easy a Kid Can Learn How to Do it in Minutes
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Free Credit Card Debt Relief That’s So Easy a Kid Can Learn How to Do it in Minutes

Finding free credit card debt relief that’s accomplished easily is an extreme and perplexing problem for millions of people caught up in this depression through no fault of their own. Kids really can solve the problem but unfortunately for adults none of them have a card debt problem so you won’t hear about it out of the mouths of babes.

How can this be you ask? Kids love cartoons and you can find the exact one they need to see by searching the term “FTC debt video” and let them explain it to you. Their belief system is a little more trusting than yours so they believe it but you on the other hand think it’s just too simple and must be some kind of government scam.

Okay old dog, it’s time to learn some new tricks and be a kid again but you must be over 18 because there is some adult material included here about the banking industry and even though it’s been broadcast on PBS, it remains a hush-hush, whisper only information item that people never discuss openly.

Just use the search term “Frontline — the credit card game” to see how this unorthodox activity began and how it ties in with the “Humpty Dumpty” housing bubble that took a big fall. It explains the exact reason you’re looking for free credit debt relief right now.

Big banking put you on the debt merry-go-round, gave you the plastic genie to swipe for dream fulfillment and at the same time implanted a 30% interest rate that’s now taking an arm and leg out of your paycheck if you are one of the really lucky people that still employed. Don’t feel bad, the entire nation was seduced by the debt genie.

From watching the Federal Trade Commission video you should have concluded that debt collectors, who represent the darkest side of the banking industry, can be easily beaten because they’re not as smart as their banking daddies. Not only can you stop their calls for the price of a postage stamp, you can also get a digital recorder and take their money!

How much money can you take from a debt collector? Use the search term “man wins $1.5 million lawsuit against debt collector” to see the current record and this guy wasn’t even trying. Just remember when collectors’ harassment has you “crying” while you’re recording their conversation, the $100 bills you’re earning will each absorb more teardrops than two roles of bounty quicker picker upper. Didn’t know that did you?

The last item on the free credit card debt relief that’s so easy a kid can do it is about your child’s ability to write a simple letter demanding proof of the alleged debt and getting the address right on the envelope. You must send this letter or all your kids’ effort will be for nothing. It’s a legal essential because without proof you owe collectors nothing! Live life and have fun!