Keep Your Eyes Open To Keep Your Credit Card Safe
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Keep Your Eyes Open To Keep Your Credit Card Safe

How often do you take a close look at your credit card bill? If you think you don’t need to, Actor James Woods would disagree with you.

The actor was looking at his credit card bill and found that there were thousands of dollars in charges that he had not put on the card. Some of them were for items such as a computer, and tickets to a rock concert, VIP tickets of course.

Woods, who plays a lawyer in the TV show Shark, decided to do a little investigating, using the tips he learned in the TV show. He called the concert venue and told them he had not gotten the tickets and then asked them to confirm his name and address.

It turns out the person who ordered the tickets on Woods’ card was a waiter at a restaurant that he regularly went to, who was arrested.

While you don’t have to go so far as to become a detective into any charges that happen to be put on your Credit Card, you should keep a close eye on it to make sure any charges going through are ones that are supposed to be there.

The James Woods story lets you see just how easy it is to steal a credit card number. It doesn’t take much for a waiter to take your card, to run your bill, and get all your information off of it before it is returned to you with the bill.

Make a habit of going over your bill carefully as soon as it comes in. Many companies have a limited amount of time in which you can let them know you have bogus charges on your credit card before you start to take on some of the responsibility for the charges. Additionally, they won’t be able to stop that person from spending on your card until you let them know there is a problem, so the sooner the better.

Getting a Benefits Credit Card to do it for You

It is important to know that there are a number of credit cards that come with protective measures. Think of it as the credit card company putting in a little extra effort to help you keep an eye on charges that are being put on your card. If they see something suspicious they will jump on it quickly and stop the fake charges, saving you a lot of time and stress in the long run.