• Finding The Best Mortgage Lender

    Finding The Best Mortgage Lender

    Considering the economic crisis that is experienced by most nations today, it is a wise idea to weigh things first before making a decision regarding financial matters. For instance, if you are planning to procure a mortgage loan, it is advisable to find first the best mortgage lender. Below are some things to consider in finding the best lender: Make an online research about the best mortgage lenders. When you browse a website for mortgage loans, usually you will be asked some questions like the kind of mortgage you want, the property type and the home value. After you answer those questions, you will then be matched with the lenders…

  • How To Become A Loan Officer

    How To Become A Loan Officer

    The job entails originating loans, marketing the company and most importantly yourself. You’ll do a ton of training and cold calling on real estate offices trying to convince the realtors why they should go with you and not one of the thousands of other loan officers asking for business. The other parts of your day are spent cold calling former clients to refinance, checking rates, keeping in contact with current clients and monitoring the progress of current loans. Make sure you really want to become a loan officer as it certainly is not for everyone. Q: How can you get started? Many will tell you to get a college degree,…

  • Loan Officer Scams and Tricks

    Loan Officer Scams and Tricks

    There are many problems with the mortgage industry, most are caused because loan officers know far more than the average borrower. Knowledge is your best defense against these mortgage scams and tricks. Bait & Switch This game is played by many industries including the mortgage industry. In the auto industry, they advertise a sports car in the paper but when you show up it suddenly turns into a Yugo. Well lenders play the same game just a little differently; they advertise much lower rates than everyone else. It becomes a simple game of numbers to them. They get 1000 people to call, 200 people to come into the office and…

  • The Advantages of Credit Advisors
    Credit Advice

    The Advantages of Credit Advisors

    Credit Advisors offers a unique full support debt negotiation process that helps you find a way get out of debt as quickly as possible. Unlike debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt management or bankruptcy, debt negotiation or debt settlement can have you debt free in as little as one year and does not require you to continue paying interest on your debt. In addition to merely helping you find a solution to your debt problems, Credit Advisors offers an extensive and easy to use financial education program aimed at getting you back on the road to financial freedom so that once your debt is paid off, you will stay out of…

  • Bad Credit: Get The Home You Want

    Bad Credit: Get The Home You Want

    Are you a person who’s got bad credit but needs a mortgage loan? If so, then you should know that you can get mortgages for bad credit. Of course, you are limited to the kinds you can get. Before you go looking for mortgages for bad credit, it would be in your best interest to boost your credit score so that you’re not deemed to have bad credit any longer. The Best Customer For A Bad Credit Lender There are some lenders, however, who’d rather not work with credit problem borrowers (subprime lenders), and opt for those borrowers who have average credit scores. When you’re trying to find mortgages for…

  • Complete Debt Solutions
    Credit Advice

    Complete Debt Solutions

    Credit Advisors CAN HELP YOU Find the Best Solution for Your Mounting Debt. Credit Advisors delivers complete debt solutions for people whose lives have become overwhelmed with unmanageable debt. We understand that it is all too easy to let mounting debt gain control of your life—that is why we work hard to put you in touch with a program that meets your specific debt needs. At Credit Advisors we can get you the help you need and put you back in control of your finances. Whether you are struggling with medical expenses, huge credit card debt, unemployment, reduced income, divorce, or excessive interest rates, Credit Advisors has a solution for…