Cost-Effective Way to Preserve Your Business’s Working Capital

In today’s highly competitive market, sales volume is a key business criteria. What then could be more disappointing than to turn a customer away just because he is unable to afford the equipment you sell? Suppose that a vendor could offer POS equipment to a merchant on terms that were mutually beneficial? Through a leasing program, this is now possible, and this is also a way to preserve the customer’s working capital.

In this fast paced business world, adapting to change instantaneously, may give you the advantage over others. So you need to help your customer purchase the equipment as well as run your business. When you have positive cash flow you can offer your customer certain incentives, thus earning their support when you need to move quickly on special orders.

Leasing point-of-sale equipment for use in your business is a benefit to you and your customers. Business benefits include:

  • Increase sales to existing customers
  • By offering a variety of payment methods, fewer sales are lost
  • Better inventory tracking

Because of a competitive market, the more quickly you can respond to your customer’s requirements, the more revenue you can earn. If your customers succeed, you succeed. Your customers would like to do repeat business with you because of the convenience and other advantages you are giving them with the POS equipment.

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Offering POS services enables you to retain your customer, by giving him all the options that he needs for making payment to you. POS equipment will usually process credit cards, debit cards and checks. Some also have provisions to accept payments over the internet. The equipment itself is not very large. Two versions are generally available, one a table top version and the other a floor standing model borneo. They take up very little “real estate,” but provide far more in terms of revenue added. The complete set up of POS equipment is done by the organization that arranges both your processing and the lease of the equipment.

Most new businesses face the problems of limited cash flow, but still need equipment to run the operation. With POS Equipment leasing, these businesses are able to acquire new equipment, without the extensive capital investment, resulting in major cash-flow advantages. The sales and profitability increases that might be anticipated from point-of-sale or other customer-enhancing equipment may very well exceed the cost of the lease of the equipment as well.

Therefore, just because your customer is unable to pay cash, he need not be turned away. You can now help by leasing POS equipment for use in your business. Since you do not have to pay upfront for leasing your POS equipment, you are actually preserving your business capital.

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