Credit for New Windows

Anyone who owns a home is responsible for renovating their own four walls. And this can go into the money pretty quickly. Because not only the wallpaper on the walls has to be replaced from time to time. Also the heating, the electrical system and last but not least the windows have to be replaced at some point. While it is often known beforehand how high the costs will be for the heating or the electrical system, many owners have no idea what a good window costs. Above all, if the new windows are to save heat, their price can be quite high. Multiplying this by the number of windows required results in a sum that is several thousand USD. Not a little money, which in many cases is collected with the help of a loan for new windows.

Use funding

With a loan for new windows, you can of course take out a simple renovation loan or real estate loan, which is earmarked and covers the costs for the windows. However, state funding provided by local communities or cities can also be used as a loan for new windows. This is possible if the property achieves better thermal efficiency through the renovation.

In addition to the regional funding opportunities, there are two large funding institutions. This would be intrasavings bank. Both offer an investment grant or low-interest loan that can be repaid in small installments. The grant must always be applied for before the windows are replaced. In addition, the property must have been built before 1995.

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The funding for a loan for new windows is staggered and is based on capital requirements. It is important, however, that appropriate documents for the provision of the funding are always submitted in advance, since the funding is always an individual decision and a very thorough check is carried out to determine who is suitable for funding and who is not.

Other options

If funding is out of the question because the property is not yet old enough or because the windows cannot be used to make sufficient savings, then simple financing from the bank must be provided. As already mentioned, a renovation loan or a real estate loan are available for this.

Both loans are offered by many banks. They assume that the borrower has a fixed income and an impeccable private credit checker. If there are problems with securing the loan, the bank can be offered an entry in the land register. The bank is then co-owner of the property until the loan for new windows has been paid in full. This carries the risk that the bank will claim its share of the property in the event of default. However, it also has the advantage that the conditions for borrowing have been significantly improved, which proves to be extremely worthwhile in terms of the effective interest rate.

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